Gl-O-Ria Herbal Soap (Flavours Neem-Tulsi) 125gm


Holy Basil , the " Queen of Herbs" is Commonly known as " Tulsi" Or " Tulasi" ( Ocimum tenuifloram). Ark o Tulasi , is extract , obtained from leaves of " Rama " Tulsi, " Krishna Tulsi & Vana tulsi.

Ark o Tulasi contains Thousands of natural ,beneficial compounds & possesses strong anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial , anti-viral , adaptogenic & immune enhancing properties. Ark o Tulasi , also,helpful in treating & protecting from many diseases such as Common Cold, Inflamation , Malaria , Heart Disease & many more.

Gl-O-Ria Herbal Soap (Flavours Neem-Tulsi) 125gm

Amla-O-Mishri Churna

Amla-O-Mishri is a health rejuvenator for years.

Amla-O-Mishri is rich in vitamin C,which is helpful in fighting against ions in the body which causes ageing effects on body and degenerate cells.

This herbal mixture is well known for eye benefits, Digestion process and to improve overall health of a person.

Gl-O-Ria Herbal Soap (Flavours Neem-Tulsi) 125gm

L-O-Vera Moisturising Gel

L-O-Vera moisturising gel is an outstanding herbal gel for all kinds of skins.

This herbal gel consist of pure Aelo Vera extracts in the form of main ingredient which has many benefits, As it is rich in antioxidants like vitamin C, E and beta-carotene that assures tightness of skin ,glowing of skin and suppleness to the skin.

This L-O-Vera gel is morely useful for dry skin which removes the problems like wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, pimples, crow's feet, eczema, burn marks etc.